Flipboard Coding Challenge

This is a challenge that requires you to construct a program that will complete a maze. Your program may access each step of the maze from a URL which returns information encoded in JSON format. This information includes the following:

The URL is located at /step and has the following parameters:

/start will redirect your program to the (0, 0) coordinate of a new random maze.

Your goal is to write a program that begins at the /start URL and traverse the maze until you reach the step where end is true. You should record each letter at each step in the path and print the resulting string at the end of your program.

You may check your solution by calling /check with s set to the maze identifier and guess set to the string your program thinks is a potential solution.

For example: pqkefzvymrbtfqntnqkrdipik is a solution for maze identifier 123456.5. The check endpoint returns a successful response for: /check?s=123456.5&guess=pqkefzvymrbtfqntnqkrdipik. Note that another, shorter solution is also possible for this identifer pqkefzvymrbtfqkrdik.


What you should submit

  1. The source code of your maze solving program.
  2. The final solution strings for at least three mazes solved by your program submitted as a separate text file. These strings should return true from the /check endpoint described above.

Submit your solution to internships[at]flipboard[dot]com